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Reviews for "Madness:NightClubDISASTER"

Man that was fucking awesome, i fuckin love the colored blood every other scene too, like the nightclub had some kinda effect onnit which was causing it to change color, REALLY cool, the music was great too ;D

loved it as a Madness fan i always liked this style of colors and personaly want to see it more in Nightclub / Brawling place it remindes me alot about Hotline Miami :) a game i held dear to my heart even to this day

Hey look another Madness video. Two stars for colab ;) Please try something original.

Just 13 mins of Overloaded with nonsense jokes, lewd hentai pictures, ... bad synced music choices, the music overtook the animation audio, should've downed volume
can't really complain about the decent melee fights, it looks alright.

honestly, u have a good team, but I have no idea why u make this thing which makes me really confused
it makes no sense to me