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Reviews for "Triple Gear"

if you think THIS is awesome

play it in 2 instances simultaneously, with just the right delay between the 2. It becomes seriously hardcore kickass then. I had it just right once, and then every time I tried it again it wasn't so awesome, so it is one specific time delay between the 2 copies. Maybe I can systematically find it with matlab.

Super Super Super

This is brilliant :D

Amazing song

You know you have a good song when one of the following is accomplished.
1) You can listen to the song for hours on end without getting tired of it.
2) The song is from a game, and the song is so good that you search for it on the internet or in the game's music files.
3) A majority of the reviews show a lot of praise from the users.
You accomplished two of these. I haven't found a game that has this song yet.

Top Gear

Was this song perhaps inspired by music from SNES game Top Gear? Cause they are almost identical.. If so, great adaptaion. If not, well then great job and weird coincidence.

Freaking amazing