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Reviews for "Triple Gear"

Man This Song Is Awesome!!!

When I first played "I Wanna Be The Flash Game" and heard this song, I didn't think much about it. Then, I played "No Time To Explain" and I enjoyed listening to the familiar song. Then I played "Moonwalk Mario" and the song was also including! I loved this song and I listened to it for 10 minutes straight. This is an awesome video game song and I hope you come up with more great video game songs! It's a shame I didn't recognize this song before. Otherwise, I might've discovered this song a long time back, but who even cares that I'm late discovering it? I could listen to this my whole life! This is one of my most favorite songs on Newgrounds ever!!! Thank you for making this! My ears are joyous listening to this. If there is only one song I can listen to for the rest of my life, I'd choose this. Keep up the good work!!!

Shifted my bits

god darn you, gone and shifted me bits :D


This is soo upbeat. I love this. Extremely nice snes-ish feel! I like this. Where do you get the sounds?


This is a great loop and I can see it in many uses for video games! This can be anything from story development, to a boss fight, to just an upbeat travel song. Very nicely done!

i think i heard dis

yeah totaly just i forgot wer o herd (pplz i know how to right with no mistakes )