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Reviews for "Triple Gear"

So good it brings dissapointment.

This song is just about 7th on my 600 NG songs list.
It is so so so good, yet all your other songs are completely different?
I roam the madness filled streets of newgrounds in search for something this full of win, i just really wish you made more like this :P

Sad times aside, this song is fucking epic hahaha
Seriously puts me in a crazy good mood, bopping along like im in some sort of videogame flashback ride haha and it just keeps going on and on and on haha


Great work! This has a good beat and good temp! You make very good music. :). I think that you did a GREAT job!


this song is awesome
this will make a good song for a game



Awesome tune! It's perfect for the 8-bit section for my animation, do I have your permission to use?

love this game!

It is one of my favorite racing game best mario kart.