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Reviews for "Triple Gear"

Before verification... hah!

I noticed your thread on the BBS and I decided to give you a little 'welcome review,' which should be an especially nice surprise since you haven't been verified yet and your songs are only accessible through your profile. But I'll go ahead and give you a nice, long, first review! =D (I'd laugh so hard if someone beat me to it while I was reviewing. But then again, I tend to give long reviews.)

It definitely has that SNES feel... I felt the introduction could have been longer, but so far so good.

You have a nice melody there... catchy, video-gamey, 16-bit-sounding, no problems here. Definitely something I'd hum. Great for your first. It does sound a little random at times, though. Is this your second song EVER or only your second submission?

Your harmonies are all good and add extra harmony to the song. At times, however, I couldn't hear some of them, or you were lacking. Your bass, for example, was a bit quiet. I really like, however, the harmonies playing third-beats, you did a nice job with those.

Your percussion, I'd have to say, was the downside of this song. That snare drum WOULD fit the song perfectly, but sound quality made it not so, unfortunately. I hear a closed hihat playing eighth notes, but it's waaay too quiet. Your kick is just a little weak, too, except in a few cases - your transitions, for example.

Synth choice is great for the purpose of the song. Like I said earlier, everything's 16-bit sounding, and since that's what you're aiming for, it's a very good thing. Each harmony is played by a very fitting synth. My only problem is that melody synth of yours - I think you could have found a better one.

Your atmosphere that you give in this song somewhat reminds me of a battle scene on an RPG, certain levels on a platformer, etc. It's no surprise I think this fits nicely in a game, of course. Great job setting up that feeling.

For your second, it's great! I'm looking forward to more. Don't hesitate to send me a PM if you want me to review a song you've submitted - it's never too much! =D Why don't you stop by my audio page and review a song of mine? A review for any song among my latest 5 songs would be nice. Much appreciated, and keep up the great work. =)