Reviews for "New Year's Resolutions"

Very nicely done

I liked this VERY much. Nice nice nice. Funny as well. Great flash! Look forward to more from you

Pure ownage.

And I hope that guy DOES better himself and leave the other bastards.

Short and sweet.

It was short, but got to the punchline pretty quickly and smoothly, it gave me a tickle, a 5 for you :).

And to "krazygrl"... "Like, OMG! It -IS- HUH?! We should totally go out and flirt with some hotties at the mall!"- Yeah, I know, sad huh?

Wonderful! ^_^

Heh... and some people over in that thread on the NG News said women can't animate. Shows how little they really know. As far as the movie goes...

The graphics were great, the concept was good, it was very well executed. The sound could be better, but I understand that crappy mikes are always a pain. VAing in general is always a pain. However, you definitely made up for any shortcomings there with the humor and graphical aspects. Great job!

EhFilms responds:

Why thank you! 'Cause you know, I am woman, hear me roar..... growl?


Thats so true thats how guys are.Good Job