Reviews for "New Year's Resolutions"

pretty good

I thought the graphics were good and it was definitly amusing. the only dissappointment was the sound. It was kind of distorted. maybe from the mike being too close to their mouths, I dont know though because I wasnt present at the making of this flash.

good but

dun tell ppl who dun make flash that they dun even make flash so thwy shoudl shuyt up or nethin they just tellin wut they think its pretty gay to say o u dun mak e flash so ur not entitled to an opinion

EhFilms responds:

I only said that to the last person just because they did the typical "you suck" kinda thing but didn't give me pointers on what they think would have worked, and that's just annoying to me.


releativly boring...maybe your new years resolution should be to make good flash...

EhFilms responds:

Make a flash movie... THEN we'll compare notes, okay?

it was a good idea

but the sound sucked serious sphinkter man.

fuck you and go die.

This movie fucking sucked.