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Reviews for "Keep Hope Alive"

I would rate higher if they wouldn't get stuck on every stair. I had to restart because I got stuck inside the stairs multiple times.
I find the issue of sinking into the stairs only occurs when tethered, If I go one at a time, they usually get there no problem.

keybol responds:

Thank you for your feedback. I fixed the collission of the game. I made sure no platform overlaps. I playtested scenarios as well to see if the player or NPC will get stuck, but I feel it's ok for now. I added R to restart also.

So I grabbed the boys on the first leve, and I turned left to head home. Then I discovered that I couldn't enter, and I thought "Aha, I probably have to take them left, like in most platformers!"

So, I turn around, start heading right, jump over the first tutorial ledge, and everyone else stands there because they can't jump. The level is now unbeatable, with no way to restart.

EDIT: Wow, most devs don't bother to actually react to feedback! Just that on its own would have bumped up the score, but the puzzles turned out to be pretty fun. My only complaint now is that there isn't more of it! Keep up the good work!

keybol responds:

I fixed this by adding stairs and adding R to restart. Thank you for your feedback.

Nice game. I liked the mechanics of movement. The characters were cute and the game is very easy to play. Enjoyed this one. Well done! :)

keybol responds:

Thank you! Glad you like it!

Smooth controls and nice graphics! Interesting game concept and mechanics, well executed with a good learning curve but the level design doesn't exploit all the possibilities that it offers. A couple of more challenging puzzle-type levels using the same idea would add a lot of value.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply! I've added an extra half-star as the added level does add a bit of challenge, would be interesting to see how far this concept can be stretched if you had switches/levers and all the other traditional puzzle tools!

keybol responds:

Thanks a lot! I added an extra level but I could add more given some time. I would like to explore this chain mechanic as I go on learning what can be done with it.

i wish it were longer

keybol responds:

Added an extra level. We also plan on exploring possibilities with this mechanic.