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Reviews for "Keep Hope Alive"

Wonderful and original game. I would love to see more levels!

it's a sweet game and the music is freaking soothing.

I had issues with the long platform level, you're already looking at it so it doesn't bother me too much. It was the only level I didn't do a full train on and even then I'm pretty sure I could have figured a way out or just depended on some lucky npc movement to get it eventually. That was the only mechanical issue I saw that would make it overly difficult to finish perfectly in what otherwise looks like a game meant to be played in around 5-10 minutes.

My real issue though was how even after they were tethered the npcs would still stand on top of each other, that bugs me on a conceptual level much more than the platform does. I could see there being issues with the level designs if they spread out automatically though, so I'm not sure what you could do about it.

Edit: A replay and/or a stage selector option at the end would also be a nice touch.

(looks up at the comment) Heh I've spent longer commenting on the game than playing it.

keybol responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Good idea on level select, I actually wanted to add a best chain highscore for every level. Might check to see when I can add that. That's a good idea where they try to distance themselves when standing idle, though I'd assume some of them might fall of a platform if they do that.

Same issue as Dvalen570 - on the level with a large horizontally moving platform, I keep having a kid get stuck halfway up the final staircase leading to the exit. Restarting the level a couple of times didn't help.

Edit: going to fullscreen didn't help, but switching browsers from Chrome to Firefox fixed it.

keybol responds:

I'll see what's happening. I tried walking back and forth with the long moving platform, but the NPC's are fine. Were you alt+tabbing? Can you try playing in fullscreen?

Funny little game, hope you create more levels.

keybol responds:

Thank you! We'll explore this game and see how we can make a full game out of this concept!