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Reviews for "Volty's Quest"

Brilliantly handled art-style, super sleek gameplay, and perseverance-encouraging music. As challenging as this game was, it was insanely fun. The game flowed nicely and had very well-designed stages.

I had some minor problems concerning my understanding of what to do. The "way to go" was unclear to me for quite a few levels. It was not that big of deal as I understand the concept of trial and error, but I could have done better with some better indication (not trying to be air-headed, I may just not be skilled enough to examine the levels fast enough).

All in all, great game!

PS: No hate, but the canons frustrate me lol (esp. Act 2-8). Nothing wrong with the canons, there's just always that one mechanic, in these kinds of games, that becomes the bane of my existence. Also, omg, that last level was rough.

The mono-color palette makes for a really nice aesthetic.
The game is a really nice twist on the "limited time" gimmick. Well done !
The only complaint i have is that exits should be a bit more visually noticeable. I died because of low battery or incoming danger as i didn't know where to go more than once.

This game is THE BEST! It kind of reminds me of Super Meat Boy.

love the animation style and the one color theme works well with the game good job keep up the good work.

fast pacing but fun