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Reviews for "Volty's Quest"

This game would be so much better up jump was up arrow. I can't tell you how many times I tried using up arrow just to fall into a pit of spikes for the 1000th time. It is incredibly frustrating when you're almost done with a hard level and you end up messing up because you try to jump with up arrow instead of z. I see no reason for jump to be z instead of up arrow except for getting out of contraptions, which you jump out of anyway,just with a much smaller jump. You could make it so up arrow when your inside of one of those things makes you do a little hop then you can do a normal jump once you're out of it.

A little too easy for my liking, although it's really confusing in certain parts. The artstyle's good and the music's nice too though.

I hated how it went from being fun platforming to suddenly a spike platformer with almost no warning.

I like the visual style, but some of those levels have some really pixel perfect requirements with the cannons. Specifically that first 3 cannon level where you end by smashing through the glass wall on the right. You have to make two pretty much perfect angle shots with no real indication where that is besides trial and error. There's another one later when the spinning blade arms are first introduced which can also kill you in the cannon while you're aiming.

I think it's got potential, was surprised the recharge mechanic wasn't used more from the getgo.

pretty niche