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Reviews for "Volty's Quest"

Seems the game not works for me after certain level. There is a switch which, I think, suppose to change blocks into a bridge, but it not happens. Switch do nothing. And no way to progress. I don't know which level is that. Not far.

The style's great, and the core mechanic is a blast - it really forces you to be strategic without being an in-your-face strategy game. Angling the cannons took a fair bit more trial and error than I'd have liked, but that's a pretty small gripe in the grand scheme of things - overall very well done!

This game has a Megaman type of vibe to it.

Pretty damn good. The graphics are impressive given the obvious time crunch. It's challenging, but not annoyingly so, and the gameplay was pretty solid. The only this that bugs me is the color palette. I get what you were going for, and again, it's a game jam, so I'm not expecting something life-changing, but I would've loved to see something that felt more electric, if that makes sense. Overall though, loved it.

some of the activation switches were a little glitchy, but overall quite fun.