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Reviews for "Volty's Quest"

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't enter chargers. I tried pressing Up while next to them, overlapping them, and jumping near them, but nothing seems to work. Otherwise, this game looks incredible! I love the charging mechanic, which is similar to the main mechanic in my LD game, but the art totally blew me away! The animations are smooth and the title screen really draws you in. Fantastic job!

EDIT: Yup, I'm the dumb one. Changed to 5 stars.

NastyOldWizard responds:

you press the down arrow to enter chargers, up exits the chargers, glad you liked it!

What I played, apart from a glitch of my character dying yet reaching goal so it sounds like the elevator is moving for probably all eternity, I like this game; I like challenge in adding a charge percentage, and the music is nice. This is a fresh take of the platformer.

Its epic its just that the jumps are a little cracky

Amazing, just amazing! This really has the potencial for a bigger game!

Hot dawg that was amazing! Great gameboy graphics and sprites, tight gameplay and fun music.

Great Jam entry!