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Reviews for "MELT"

Great. I seeing more and more games becoming faster in pace. I wish there were games that were like this for triple A studios.

Nice and short, I fucking love it

Really cool game! Had a lot of fun with this and thought the mechanics were really fun to play with. I enjoyed the puzzle element of optimizing your movement and making the most of everything, such as moving while the generated flame is chasing you to not waste any. The start was a bit confusing: the game didn't teach the controls at all so I wasn't sure how the heck to proceed when my guy just flopped down dead. I figured it out eventually and it was a neat event, but having the key pop-up when you've been dead for a bit might be nice, though I can understand if you don't want to beat the player over the head with the mechanics. My only real complaint is that I want even more: this one felt way too short, probably because of how fun it is!

It was perfect, tried to catch up faster but two or three times fail because i was not expecting the candle will melt that fast

Oh! I like this! Awesome! But the play time is short. I want more play!