Reviews for "Timekeeper"

I like the atmosphere you provided at the beginning and the tranquil piano that fades in shortly thereafter. Nice use of reverb on the piano and the subtle percussion in the background. The pace of the piece is very slow, and the crash at 1:04 seemed a little exaggerated. I did like the sense of climax, though. At around the 2-minute mark, I’m really itching for some more melodic content. I do like how you wove the theme of clocks into the piece, and the emotional outro at 3:57 really hits this piece home. The string riff at 1:37 is melodic, but it’s made to blend in with the vocals, and the way you phrased it made it feel transitional more than cathartic as an emotional height. You have a habit of saving all of the resolve in your pieces until the very end, which might not be a bad thing right now, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind if your pieces are much longer than this. The one-climax model is risky in that it relies on keeping the listener engaged for a long period of time in which not much is going on. That said, the compositional risks you took here largely paid off IMO. The mix seems a tiny bit strained at around 3:30 - I’d encourage you to go easy on the reverb - but otherwise I didn’t notice any major problems there. Overall, this is a really enjoyable piece with a strong atmosphere, theme, and sound design. Keep it up, Papkee!


Hello! Time for your review of a few points I think could be improved.

Points of Goodness:
-Very nice subtlety throughout this.
-You always have really good gradual buildups. I'd love to see you try to make ambient music slowly layering it - I think that actually would fit your style a lot.
-Excellent little touch at 2:20.

Points of Improvement:
-This piece is very... step-by-step. I know it's meant to be about time, and ticking and stuff, but. In all seriousness, you really need to play around with less lock-stepped melodies. Syncopation is a wonderful tool for complexity and for gaining interest. A suggestion for this piece - try leaving the ticking 'timepiece' noise as keeping the solid metronome feel going, and use the strings and other background with more syncopation for a more interesting background.
-Shockingly, there's a fair amount of mud around 3 minutes in when the climax happens. I'm sure you're surprised that I'm commenting on this. Too much choir and strings, too loud, too layered making mud.