Reviews for "Timekeeper"

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Music, the art of time. Your track reminded me of that theme. The sound effects of clock ticking is a top notch there. It has a little bit of Hans Zimmer vibe in there as well. But it might have been better to have it more louder & bigger climax. It's a bit weak. But I enjoyed it. Well done.

I'm questioning life right now. What an amazing track...

I love this, The seconds of the clock and those waves <3

....... i dont know anymore, its literally showing TIME... its also... a song that... and i dont know if this is intended... but it sounds like what the old songs were, we today listen to rock dubstep and other weird stuff... but this is like a trip back... in TIME....... anyways....... <3, its a very calm song, i love those... and nowdays we have less of those songs....

this song touches my heart, in every shape and form
yet i feel like im going back in time, to where i never formed.