Reviews for "Timekeeper"

The subtle little touches you put on the mix really impressed me, and that swell around 1:40 was beautiful. The clocks are a great touch too, quite a sad track, but 100% my style.

Good luck!

Never heard your stuff, but thought I should check you out since I might meet you (if I make it that far), next round :).

The composition starts real slow and manages to grasp the full attention of the listener. Slowly you progress into a more active piece, starting with the violin/strings. Then at around 1:40 you manage to instantly satisfy at least me with the main melody, which I really adore! Good job. Then you break it down and build it up to 2:54 with more melody stuff in contrast to the build up before, which was more a build up into something more climactic. The end is really clever :)

I had to relisten on this on my headphones instead of my speakers to hear all the little details going around 3:40 and I must say this track works a lot better for me on headphones.

Some minor things you could've done differently:
-The ambient sounds in the beginning (the chirpy cricket sound, not the "highway in the distance) sound) feel like they are a bit too frequent, especcially when the first few instruments start to develop.
-I didn't really like the gong sound at 2:54, but I am not really able to get my head around why it is I don't like it. Feel free to skip this point since I am not even able to give any proper reason for not liking it.
-The choir at 3:23 mix nicely into the rest of the mix, but seem to lack a bit of power/warmth compared to the rest of the instruments. This is nothing track breaking tho.

Okay I have totally nitpicked there, and overal I think this is very good, I honestly hope you will make it to next round!

papkee responds:

Chalk it up to my still-developing mastering ability, but I do notice that speakers don't tend to do it as much justice as a good pair of headphones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wow that was pretty epic.

Woa! This is superb! :O

Hey, papkee. I never got to say gg for beating me by just barely in NGUAC last year :)

As usual this is amazing! You have a way of always striking the right chords one after the other to create some deeply emotional music. 1:38 so fabulously has your name written all over it

I listened to it the whole way through and I can say with fair certainty that I didn't ever get bored at any point while listening, which means you managed to keep things interesting pretty well. The progression of this track is really, really smooth and the transitions are really really smooth. Also the outro is sublime!

There's only a few things that didn't work as well for me. At 3:23 the stuff you wrote for the choir seems to lack the flair I heard in some of the other melodic parts of the track. Also this synth at 0:30 was really nice but I don't think I ever heard it again which was a bit of a shame :/

But overall this is some solid stuff! Good luck in NGADM :)