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Reviews for "King's Orders"

Very challanging game would be better with continues and wepon drops over time to get farther. OR being able to jump slightly higher that might help hitting the bats easier with out getting pesants too.?

Fun game. There seems to be a bug making so when you get a negative score it loops back to the max positive one.

I don't know, after a while it becomes boring. Not that replayable, graphics aren't THAT cool. Just kind of a mindless game.

Quite simple but really cool. It has its challenges and knows how to hold the player's concentration a little. I like it!

I thought this game was just okay. It had pretty simplistic designs. Wouldn't this Ludum Dare's theme be marijuana? I mean, it's 420! Well, it's really 420 all month. This still hasn't been a good month.

I was afraid it would be too easy. I'm glad it more complicated with the peasants. I got 268. I have no idea what the average score is here. It's playable, but not really good.