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Reviews for "The HeartBit"

Cool game! Tight controls, nice gimmicks, and solid gameplay!

I could not go through the whole game, but after playing 10 levels I think I will state this is a solid game and jam entry!

I like the character unlock system, in that it's not just "Get lots of stuff and unlock characters", but it also forces a player to play from level 1, playing through with the different abilities that give advantages and disadvantages, very clever!

Low budget meatboy

Well, I have to admit that those are probably one of the most annoying controls I have ever met. Inconsistent when it comes to the length and the height of the jump, slippy like hell with terrible mid-air control.

Besides, I finished one of the levels without collecting any of the DNA but my total amount still went up. Oh, while The Vaccine character has a description that it can save Miguel the medal for me unlocked instantly after I reached 150, is this intentional?

I never did figure out what the gimmick of "the vaccine" is other than than it can't be controlled as well as the other characters - maybe it's ice coated and slides everywhere? but it's not consitent - sometimes it's slidy, but sometimes it stops but you don't know why. The DNA placement on its levels implies it can jump differently and move around sideways mid air, but I never figured out how to do that. It seems to just just jump short, except when it decides to launch off at huge distances for no apparent reason. And you can't make a short jump with it, but you can't make it do the long jump when you want - it just does it sometimes. The DNA up the wall in levels 1 and 3 makes you think it can wall jump better, but you can't really - sometimes you slide a long way up the wall, sometimes you don't, and you can't dodge the saw on the left side of level 1 while going up the wall because jumping off the wall goes a random distance and won't always let you come back towards the wall. From the description I gather it's supposed to be a "wall climb," but it goes a random amount up the wall when you hit space, and doesn't always climb up the wall at all - sometime if jumps off the wall, not seemingly related to which directional arrows I'm holding when I hit space.

The third vaccine level requires glitching into a wall and jumping to get the top bit. It should be possible to get without this nonsense.