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Reviews for "The HeartBit"

The controls are reaaally bad. The acceleration and gravity feel off, wall jumping feels really awkward to do and I would prefer if the next level would start automatically instead of throwing me into the menu. Also, what's the point of so many particles every time I touch a surface?

the handling felt terrible. nice try at a super meat boy clone though

Cool game! Tight controls, nice gimmicks, and solid gameplay!

I could not go through the whole game, but after playing 10 levels I think I will state this is a solid game and jam entry!

I like the character unlock system, in that it's not just "Get lots of stuff and unlock characters", but it also forces a player to play from level 1, playing through with the different abilities that give advantages and disadvantages, very clever!

Controls are little too difficult, i didnt have patience to find out more, playing first level for many times..

Well, I have to admit that those are probably one of the most annoying controls I have ever met. Inconsistent when it comes to the length and the height of the jump, slippy like hell with terrible mid-air control.

Besides, I finished one of the levels without collecting any of the DNA but my total amount still went up. Oh, while The Vaccine character has a description that it can save Miguel the medal for me unlocked instantly after I reached 150, is this intentional?