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Reviews for "MISFORTUNE"

Bugs for now:
killing ben with knife does not unlock medal
no medal for kate and ben surviving? even if it shows in-game?
after you beat the game once, you need to refresh the game, because it blocks at your first choice, whether you choose kate to stay, or go

Nice game, the title reminds me of misfortune.gb, which you should google, if you haven't already.

any downloadable version?

This is a great game! Minus the bugs,it was great. i got all the badges too.

really nice story

how do you kil carl plz halp

I kind of fucked up in the first run, but that only made me want to play more.
Its a good game, a lot of replay value, te character moves a little too slipery, but that is just personal taste, the history is interesting, but the letters are too big and choncky, making reading them a little diffcult.
i would love to see more of this.