Reviews for "Mandragora"

I really enjoy the piano in this song. It sounds full, and really good. I love the uses of all the instruments. What I would love to see someone do is simplify this into a playable piece. It's that good.
I knew 100% from listening that it isn't playable. Too many ranges of notes playing at the same time.

I listened to this for an hour nonstop.

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you so much!! Yes, you’re right, it’s entirely unplayable, but it could probably be simplified if anyone is bored and wants to figure it out.

this is amazinggg this is the best thing i ever heard i play piano but this i need to play this on piano or maybe even saxophone??? lel but still dis is very nasss

Miyolophone responds:

Not sure if it's possible on piano, but thank you :)

Just Amazing I wish I could play the piano like that
and make music like that.

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you! And believe me, I wish I could play the piano like that too haha

This is a masterpiece. I am a fan of Deemo and the boss songs have always been my favourite. I have heard mashups of those three songs before, but this resembles M2U's style a lot, and I honestly can't pay more respect than rating this wonderful piece 5 stars! Good job man. One thing I will suggest tho, is add some vocals just to spice it up like it did for the three boss songs. I think it would be greater, but who knows? :)

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you!! I’d love to revisit this with my current resources and a vocalist— I actually had some lyrics in mind as I wrote this.

I'm a fan of Deemo and Myosotis always was my favourite song, followed by Sonatina and Magnolia. This song recreates the exact style of M2U and Nicode, and I just love it!

5 stars isn't enough, I would give 10! Awesome job!

Miyolophone responds:

Thanks a lot! Honestly, I'm continuing to learn from those two and hope I can be as good as they are someday, so I'm flattered that you think I captured their style.