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Reviews for "'Pelipool'"

I see a sneaky Helix Fossil

Hmm you gotta wonder if he's just waiting for all the little critters to climb in there so he can close his mouth and gobble 'em up! :) Dark thoughts set aside though: looks like fun! Creative bit of summer-belonging Pokemon longing.


Butzbo responds:

Hahah! well come to think of it, Pelipper even has some moves called "stockpile" and "swallow" so who knows :o

And I thought humans were cruel to Pokemon....

I absolutely love this! It's so cute and colorful! Great job!!

Bloody hate pelliper and wingul, love this piece though, very funny and cute! And I've been playing alot of alpha sapphire recently so I was surprised to see you post this XD

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Batty!
Yeah from what I remember the Wingull family appears maybe tooo much in the game, but I like their unique designs.