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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

Loved it! A very nice concept, creative and addicting! Plus, I loved the music!
When I was in elementary school, smartphones didn't exist yet, and laptops weren't a thing... there were "portable computers", which were almost-5-kg suitcases with a microscopic screen (basically a tower pc with a handle and a small screen). So, just to pretend, I made a small fake portable laptop with paper, and it had an orange handle (also of paper, of course). Playing this game is almost like getting to play a real game on that paper laptop, so thank you also for bringing back those good memories!

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! I am happy that you enjoyed it! :))

Well that's new, totally thought the red things were enemies so I didn't collect any!

AWESOME concept awesome game awesome graphics awesome everything

This has a very interesting way of controlling the character. Awesome game :)

Your rock broh... best game I played on newground this since february.