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Reviews for "The Right Turn"

I like the game. I find the jump and run controls are intuitive. With the add-ons being only toggle switches they would have been good on keyboard and could have made for challenging gameplay instead of burdened.

Prox276 responds:

Good point. I think it'd make the game a bit to easy with the flip button having a keyboard shortcut, but I can definitely add a bind for the other buttons.
Thanks! :)

Cool concept, but the physics need some work to iron out a few momentum inconsistencies. Jumping into a wall should either make you "stick" to it or "bounce" off of it every time, not one or the other depending on whether or not you flipped the world mid-jump. Given the precision of some of the spike-dodging, inconsistent physics can be a real issue.

EDIT: Great; I look forward to playing it once I've got some free time tonight ^_^

Prox276 responds:

UPDATE: I just fixed this issue and I'll be releasing a new build without this bug in a couple of hours or less.
Thanks for pointing this out! :)

i love the game play <3 keep up !

performance is not the greatest in my cellphone, but still, the game is really good

Interesting mechanic overall. Didn't even see the controls in the description area, so it took a second to figure out how to play. Also, just something that bugged me: if I jumped into a wall and fell down to clear it, my horizontal velocity remains.