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Reviews for "takeout"


funniest ever

The best part is easily the end. I think that was the exact last second of the cartoon! I mean, I know they were building up to him appearing. I thought it would be the tomato soup. it wasn't one of my favorites, but still awesome. The animation is great too.

Wait, under the sea, don't fish eat other fish? I mean, sharks eat fish. Or do they mostly eat like molluscs? Why is that ranked as misspelled? I just looked it up.

Most fish pretty much only eat other fish though, parents eat their kids, friends eat their fiends, you wouldn't think they''d react so strongly to these particular diet choices. :) Unnatural fish responses set aside though... was that you outside the door? Super hard to stop the video on that one frame.

Good stuff too. All in them reactions.


This is the BEST