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Reviews for "Suenio"

not interesting

I'm a little annoyed that the instructions don't state that you can enchant more than one object at a time.

Sonucais responds:

If there was that limitation, instructions would say you only could enchant one object at once. Instead, it just said you can bewitch objects. Doing just one at once would make the game easy and predicible.

this made no sense.

i tried repeatedly to use 'q' to do something to the switch and it caused nothing to happen.

MarkAnime responds:

There is no [Q] key, use these keys:
[ Z ]: Use of the magic wand.
[ X ]: Start over from the last checkpoint.
take a look of how to play it on this video: https://youtu.be/x5pOSow4QNU?t=27

Sonucais responds:

Thank you for reporting this. The game does not use Q. Instead, use Z. Please, give it a chance again. I'm updating to 2.1 in few hours.

Well, it was at least a unique game. I just really couldn't get interested in it. It was just a really slow game. I didn't know how to play it. I just didn't know what to press. I'm sorry, but it just isn't for me.

It did make me sleepy, I guess. It succeeded! The music was fairly good. It just wasn't easy to play. I would need to see a walkthrough. I'm not interested in doing so.

MarkAnime responds:

let me help you
Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/x5pOSow4QNU
You need a keyboard to play this game, use arrow keys, X key and Z key.

Knowledge is truly half the battle. I honestly am not sure how or why I unlocked the secret level, but I did it on the first try, so, yaaaaay. IDK how to unlock the What Are You Doing? medal, but I'm not CIA, NSA, FBI, or smart so that secret can just stay secret I guess.

Sonucais responds:

Secret mode is unlocked by only rewinding 9 times, which is the mininum amount of times possible.