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Reviews for "Little Runmo"

This is definitely my favorite animation of 2019. I've always found it extremely challenging to get people to remember and engage with original ideas and characters without having a history with an audience. This was the first thing I had seen from you, and I loved it. The designs and music were all fun and memorable. Creating this world stemming from a universal game mechanic of pit falls was a really ingenious way of making that connection. Excellent work!

Glad to see you posting work on here.

It's paced well, and I admire the game mechanics translating into its own story. Weaponizing my expectations, and giving me satisfying laughs. I'm still smiling at the comedic creativity here. It's new to me, and I left feeling I watched a fever dream.

Oh right, this wasn't on newgrounds yet!
I got this in my recommendations on youtube and subscribed right away

Amazing! A game with this plot would be awesome.

Been a while since I saw some fresh that really deserves the 5 star rating so much.