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Reviews for "Little Runmo"

Poor Runmo. . .

Great watch! Fun stuff in a fairly morbid way!

Holy shit !
Why have you been keeping this kind of stuff off Newgrounds ?
Hope to see more from you.

Oh wow, this is amazing.

It's great!!

I guess this is what you'd call cheating. :) Or more symbolically: playing around the constricts of our lives... turned into a revelation-like religious experience somehow. What a twist. From the brighter, overground world to something new entirely. Thought the pun might be he'd just sit there by the sign and ignore the pit completely but oh my, oh my...

Love how oddly expressive this is too, like the eyebrow getting placed on that one dude's face. XD Runmo comes across as both inexplicable naive and very relatable.. interesting combination. Impressive also how so much is conveyed without words. That very essence of life and all within it. I feel like I learned something here and yet... maybe it's just all as random as it seems. A game within a game within a game. VG style inception.

Whatever this was it sure was amazing...