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Reviews for "Little Runmo"

once you see the meatball man you can never forget

i liked the big meatball guy

HOLD UP YOU MADE RUNMO AND HAVE LESS THAN 1000 FOLLOWERS?! Anyways amazing video as always.

Wondeful and incredibly well-executed animation! I absolutely LOVE when things are all happy at first and then they suddenly shift to a much darker and more sinister tone and this was done here perfectly.

The art style is very crisp & clean and represents the environment of the little runmo really well: flashy and colorful on the surface, and dark and gruesome on the bottom. On top of that, the animations are top-notch! The sounds along with the music also did an excellent job on conveying the inteded feeling of the athmosphere.

Overall, this was amazing to watch and it perfectly represents what Newgrounds is all about: Flashy and bizarre animations with a comedic and/or sinister feel to them, along with some elements which sometimes add some sort of life purpose to them or somethin'.

Perfect job! It's as if I'd stumbed upon a gold mine! :^)

surreal and disturbing.