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Reviews for "Little Runmo"

That would make an amazing easter egg for a game.

Very interesting film! Lots of fun characters and moments, definitely reminds me of Felix Colgrave’s sort of flat and surrealist style but with a uniquely digital and stretchy aesthetic. I enjoy the ambiguity and absurdity of the story and would encourage you to push those weirder elements further in future works, but maybe in a less shit-post-y kind of way. Also for a 16 minute film, it didn’t feel like it dragged at all and it was really fun to watch the whole way through. Seriously good work!

Double King rip off

Hahahaha, if this person is a YouTuber, I'm Batman! Awful editing.

Brilliant work! Very inventive and well drawn. The story kept my attention throughout, curious as to what happens next in this fantastic world you created. Bravo!