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Reviews for "Final Fantasy IIIIIII"

Haha! I have only ever played final fantasy 1. I think they should have stopped with 1. I played final fantasy 1 when I was but a tyke at my babysitters house, so I don’t get the reference. Ha Ha! Did Cloud or whatever? The gay anime dude with the sword is named Cloud right? Ha Ha, Did Cloud jab his buddy in the dick with that big honkin sword in the video game? Is that canonical or some sort of in joke? If so that’s a cold ass honky. Congrats on daily second place. Ha Ha!

great anim

best thing ever xoxoxoxoxo

I totally remember this cut scene in the original version of the game that was never published in the United States because it was to controversial. But I thought it was pretty funny, I liked how Clouds sword was really thick as well. The only glitch I see with this cut scene is that one of the characters hands change a little bit each time they are on the screen. It's very odd and it almost feels like it was on purpose.

This is fuckin epic! I love this, this is the big funny. You put alot of work into this so im glad that you made this, because it is funny and i find funny things good, ive never played final fantasy, but final fantasy parody is the big funnny almost as funny as the uh oh stinky monk, but i still think this is more funny than the funny monke. But anyways i wanted to say that the contemporaryness of this cartoon really appeals to the post mordern vector graphics of the 2000's era that you are using to address this amazing piece of animated history that you have created. But overall 10/10 but maybe -1 one for not the big funny, but i give the -1 a pass totaling to a 100/100% isnt that funny? I took algebra and basic math in school so turns out that 10/10 is equivalent to 100/100 and even 1000/1000 they all equal 100% ISN'T THAT CRAZY? But you know what is even better than 100%... CLOUT, clout.. Clout is all that matters, just sayyin, its all about the respect others have for you. Get rid of anyone who does not submit to your orders. Dont take shit from no one, if anyone tries to cross your path you should fight them, like anyone, kids, old people you name it. Especially kids, you could just punt them through a field goal. But you know what is more fun than that? Memes, like Le Epic Memes, including me Gusta, trolled, u mad bro? Yeah also this is the announcement for the Fat Albert Collab.