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Reviews for "Final Fantasy IIIIIII"

This is cringe but I like it so good job

I liked the jokes/easter eggs regarding Baret's drawing.

So the art has potential and wasn't bad, but the backgrounds had the same line weight as the character models so they didn't stand out whatsoever in the scenery. The jokes had no threading, no follow up and no punch. It feels like an impression of the ONEY/Pebble style in terms of writing and the difference between weird/stupid humor and this is timing and communicating motion effectively. The dick poking scene was just... okay? There wasn't much exaggeration in the poking for what was already a joke about an exaggerated sword size. Barret whipping the gun out was too sluggish for the timing, the gun was too low detail compared to everything else and the pop off was... nothing really. Tifa rubbing a balloon on her hair to cast Thunder was good and didn't reduce her to a tit joke, so that's a huge plus for allowing stupid/innocent humor to hit the table. The VA were lackluster and sounded like they were quiet in that 'don't wake up my parents' way and stuck no landings.

-Improve comedic delivery
-Improve animation timing to work in tandem with delivery
-If you're gonna be exaggerating things, exaggerate more
-Thread your jokes more organically

very nice work. The animation was spot on. The sound and voice acting was great. Great work with the mouth animations. I was never really a final fantasy fan but this was entertaining and kept my attention.

Little too much cringe and little violences, this really pwns lmfao.