Reviews for "Kim - Death Fragment"


wow dammit that wos so cool! i jus...im speechles sorry but iThanks for your vote, mickster! You voted 5 for Kim - Death Fragment, raising its score from 4.92 to 4.92.
dont know what to say!

Holy fuck!

This is fucking amazing.
Awesome melodic guitars and synth. Great stuff!

You should devote more of your time to making stuff like this.

Kimken responds:

First i must move to the mountains so that i can become a shaolin monk and start meditating, so that i can clear my mind.

Or just buy some weed.

holy shit nice :D

yo man that was WICKED awesome. i loved how you put the keyboard together with the guitar to give the perfect ownage too it :D kudos m8

PS: u reckon i could get the tabs? maybe we can add more too it ^_^

hell yeah!

I love this kind of metal! very melodic, very well done, really nice leads. 5!!!

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Submit the full version!!!!!!!
This song pwns...especially the intro.

Kimken responds:

After seeing the score this song had still 2 days after my submission i am 100% that I WILL make a longer, better and more detailed version of this! :D

Have patience and wait for the longer version!