Reviews for "Kim - Death Fragment"

Underlord is right

Sure does sound like Dimmu Borgir and just as good only, you know, without the shitty vocals which i truly appreciate. Readymade for an awesome flash


really sounded a bit liek dimmu borgir sorta at the nbeginning but i really like your epic metal style the way it tells liek a story the way it prgresses not just doing the same thing over and over i like it cud be used for a big flash invovling some journey or sumtin idk just lettin ya know

This is the song

That plays when the badass in an old west videogame,just like leaves town or whatever after saving it and the credits roll in. In this case it's totally awesome.

Yay :D!!!!

This really was one of the best metal tracks i've heard. I had no idea you had THIS KIND OF ROCK POWER!!!!

It's so video gaming, yet so hardcore.

It's been way too long since I came to your page, just... :')

I have no words of criticism KimKen, but I wanted to drop my support. Keep em coming man! You're just getting better everay day! Easily a 5/5 from me.

Haha, take this tune to the hospital.

It's the sickest thing I've heard on NGAP in a while. ;)

Nice work.