Reviews for "Kim - Death Fragment"

Rock on!

Great job, and definitely different from other metal. It has a "Beat the impossible level/boss" feel to it. I hope to hear more from you. :) What program/equipment did you use?

Kimken responds:

I used cubase SX with tons of plugins, V-amp pedal and a jackson guitar
Thanks for the review!


super cool song

has a great vibe kind of a rise to face the challenge and shit

goo job

Kimken responds:

Here is a list of every track i have recorded with an electric guitar.

1. Kim - Experiment #1
2. Kim - Experiment #2
3. Kim - Experiment #3
4. Kim - Pirate's Will
5. Kim - Death Fragment (my best IMO)
6. Kim - Blood Field
7. Kim - Hangar Battle
8. Kim - Battle

Just though it would be easier for ppl to find them. But check out our other stuff too.

F*ck yeah

this is awesome... do you play guitar on this? Btw the reason i gave a 9 is because i see much room for improvment. I think this song could be alot more awesome than it already is. also if your into collab stuff i would love to work with you in the future. gj

Kimken responds:

Never done collabs (well only 1 very old with Ken). Don't know if it's my kind of thing.
Oh yes, i play the guitar on every one of our tracks. Sometimes takes a million takes to record a small piece! But it's fun anyway :D

Wow this is amazing...

Wow I gotta say this is probaly one of the best gothic/heavy metal sounding song ive ever heard!
This has a nice steady beat and a very good guitar melody, Great job keep it up!

Kimken responds:

Thank you very much!


this is a Emerald hardcore song! keep making more of these they rock!!!!
Hail to the Ninetails Fox!

Kimken responds:

Maybe i will, when i come up with a way to record good quality sound to a laptop :D