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Reviews for "Vertex Shifter"

im stumped on level 6

I've been stumped on level 10 for the past 45 minutes. How in the name of frick do you do it? I'm losing my dang mind!

But it's addicting enough that I'm still here, so that's a good sign.

Cool concept, but the level design is pretty flawed. As an example, the last level is trivially solved without engaging with the boost tiles at all: Space, Right, Space, Up, Right, Right, Space, Right.

The menus are also pretty wonky, including sudden use of the mouse in a couple cases, or Level Select not allowing Up/Down and moving quite strangely when you go off-screen with Left/Right.

Thoof responds:

Thanks for the feedback. That last level was not very thoroughly tested, if you found any others like that let me know :)

Will have to fix the level select issue at some point.