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Reviews for "gamestore"

the true situation

There should just be an Adult Swim show shitting on GameStop at this point

Missed opportunity for a title: game stop in a nutshell :)

While the point is a dead horse already beaten to death, the artstyle is fantastic, the resi is just so overdone that it's gotten boring AF...

...Lol apparently the attitude of the customers is total shit too.

Ps:My suggestion is that you bring that amazing art style to a cause deserving of it's glory, this whining about Gamestop, something most people are already tired of anyways, is not such a cause

Ikeep wanting to give you 6/5 just for the animation and artwork alone, but to be frank, I fail to see how yet another " Omg yas perfact! Now make a sequal! Fast hurry OMG I LOVE U TOO LIEK ALL THE OHARS!" Would be helpful to yoy in any given way.

...I hope you can tell this perhaps rather harsh comment, is actually very well meant, but you can handle it, simply because you got the perfect talent for this :) BEST WISHES!