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Reviews for "gamestore"

finally a fan of borderlands.

who is your favorite character. mine is claptrap.

I love this content...
how do you make the animation feel like a mouse is moving it? do you animate it to look like that, or do you do it another way?

wavetro responds:

Thank you!! The software (Blender) lets me record the literal mouse movements as the audio plays with Auto Keying

Once again a good one

A great 3-d like element onlything it needs is some subtitles, I would like to take this time to say this was pretty good and in some ways a bit unique those are things you dont see all the time but with that said hope to see more of your work especially if its like this, This is Officially some good entertainment in the sense that the effort shows and the visuals are welldone so very nice view points on this entry here.

A great 3-d like element onlything it needs is some subtitles


a bit more accurate than you intended it to be

Very accurate. I can see why Gamestop is.. not a very good game store. They just want to you to get the Pro Membership every time you buy something.

Anyways, nice jorb!