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Reviews for "gamestore"

GameStop really be like that sometimes and it depends on who you deal with...

very funnie

You can’t evict us because we said so


Wavetro, you never fail to make me laugh. Cause I loved this movie.

Though I didn’t really get why you had to make it shorter. If you had many more jokes in store, just put them in. Don’t worry about taking it out. Then you won’t have to worry about uploading like 9 hours late, and maybe you’ll have a long animation.

Otherwise, this animation is good as always.

@glitchtimefail As for you, you’ve probably just started watching wavetro. Watch more of his content to get used to what he does and what his style is.


wavetro responds:

Thank you Steve! The reason why I try to keep all my videos under 2 minutes is because it takes a while to render the full video from Blender 3D, since I like to use 60 fps. (Every second counts.) It also makes sure I don't stay on one idea for too long, because other reviews on here imply that I dragged out the pacing on this one too much. Probably set the bar too high for myself after the coronavirus video lmao