Reviews for "Warm Blood 2"

I like it but...

that didnt realy look like a sequal...?

i really didnt follow the plot

what the hell was that? I mean it was ok i guess but, it pretty much didnt make sense


A fight scene, but not a very good attempt at one.

a) Characters were too small, we couldn't see them well.
b) What's with that color-changing ghost girl in the background?
c) No fight sounds.

Another version may be in order- nice try, but it needs more...

didnt like it

Too slow. I've had more fun playing these kinds of games, and i've seen more violence and humor doing it. What was supposed to make your stand out?

((( HEH )))

heheh kung-fu fighters, ok well the music was cute, dont know much for the sprites, but it looked clean, abit slow but ok, maybe make some "Artwork" you might get a better review if you did...