Reviews for "Tower of Despair"

This is just epic. I really do not have any criticism at all with this. You need more attention man.

Everything about this is great! The mix is the best I've ever heard from you. The arrangement is epic and moving. The orchestra is so real, it feels as if I'm actually listening to a performance. The melodies and the brass sound incredible. I love the addition of the chorus. I also really like the violin that comes in about halfway through.

5/5. I'm blown away.

Bonnot responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :)

What can I say... An art, whatever kind of art it is, is a mirror of not only an artist's soul, but i mirror of a society, the way it is felt by the artist. And it's always sad to see this kind of reflections. I'm kind of familiar how corrupted system works and how much lives it takes each year, each day, so I'm not that sensitive for this already and that's sad too. You do great and important work by not only attracting attention to the tragedy but also by reminding that we should not get used to this, by waking up our emotions. My biggest respect and all the possible stars to you.

Bonnot responds:

Thank you for your words of truth. Thank you again for your reviews.

This is the most beautiful track that i ever heard... Woah... A really nice piece of art and a proof that art can talk for the heart. You have my deepest respect.

Bonnot responds:

Thank you for your review bro. :D

This song perfectly represents horror of the tragedy and infinite sorrow.
Art is definitely the best way to express your emotions and your music is overwhelming with them. I guess it's safe to say that you play not instruments but feelings, truly rare gift. Thank you for the purposes you compose for and for masterpieces you compose.

Bonnot responds:

i haven't written orchestra in a while so it's quite choppy. had that weird TSFH Heart of Courage vibe. glad people like it.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful review! :)

Even with one recovering ear I can tell this is a good piece. Very emotional. I like the runs you have starting at 1:09. You are also very good with loops; I must have listened to this a dozen times without realizing it.
I'm glad you were there for your coworker. There are never enough good people in the world comforting those who need it.

Bonnot responds:

Thank you for your review.

I hope your ear will recover. take care and stay safe! :(