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Reviews for "Serpent City"

I love how the content was mixed with creepiness and comedic elements. One of a kind.

DampOwl responds:

Aw dude, thanks

We might not be witnessing a nuclear holocaust right now but this whole future dystopia thing does feel more relatable now than ever... that intro really managed the switch from normality to: something else. Very well. Was thinking it'd be a different kind of apocalypse and then there you go, reality comes barging in...

Gotta appreciate the twist to comedy it takes after that though. Making light of dark situations. Also more relevant than ever. Only one question: why Serpent City? Is there a religious context to this...? I don't really see any serpents...


DampOwl responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil! I love this comment because it's very flattering and kind, but also because I've been waiting for someone to ask about the title so I can get all pretentious. You've opened the floodgate, my friend. (I'll attach a short answer at the end so you don't have to read through me wanking myself off in word form if you don't wanna.)

Basically Serpent City has been in my mind since 2016, which was the beginning of a fairly rocky period for my mental health. I'm sure we all remember the string of celebrity deaths, terror attacks, Trump, Brexit, it was basically just one crazy thing after another. And I needed a way to channel my anxiety and cynicism into something fun, so I envisioned this world. As far as the title goes, I had been listening to a LOT of Bowie when I started developing this idea, particularly his final album Blackstar.

The first track begins with this chanting, "in the villa of Ormen", which gave me this mental image of a creepy occult dystopia. I then found out Ormen is a Norwegian word for snake, and decided it was a nice jumping off point for a title. Villa of snakes. Land of snakes. Serpent City. There ya go. It definitely doesn't play into the story, but yeah, that was the process that led into it. It also sorta worked out because it's set in Ireland, and there's that whole folk tale of the snakes being driven out of Ireland. So this is a future where, metaphorically speaking, the snakes have returned...... Hmmmm...oooooohhhhhh.... #deep..... (or pretentious)

Short answer: it's a David Bowie reference hidden under about four layers of mental gymnastics.

Her new goal: see if zombie Chris Evans is single.


So this was pretty cool, the zombies theme is always a good one, the sound quality seemed a little low but otherwise it was fine, So I would say that the animation was notbad and this was a decent submission. I really look forward to seeing more stuff like this untill then keep working on great stuff, So a lot like some wine tasting event thats what this reminds me of, you have brought all the right elements in this movie type and with lots of different flavor and taste and thats what stood out on this one.

the sound quality seemed a little low but otherwise it was fine


DampOwl responds:

I really appreciate the constructive feedback. Thanks for watching, and taking the time to review!

That was cute