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Reviews for "Coronavirus: A Text Adventure"

its neat but boring so i think ill give 4 stars but i got every achievement but oh my word can you tell how to get it?

Edit: its a 5 now and thankyou

jamesanimations responds:

Yes, a number of people wanted a way to get the endings they missed. So in the top of the description I put together a picture of the story tree so you can see all the endings

its a meh to be honest but i really like the concept of the game with the accuring events of the corona virus going on so this is a really good job

jamesanimations responds:

Thanks! I thought it'd be something for yall to do while we are all cooped up inside hahaha

It's pretty interesting. Some plotlines and outcomes I expected, some definitely not (like attacking a guard with a sword in hopes of cleansing the humankind with the virus).

I don't think the intro is necessary. There's no denying that it's cool, and judging by my own experience, all those camera angles must have been a pain to animate… but it doesn't affect the story or gameplay in any way.
Of course, unless there's some ultimate ending or secret which takes place in the hospital and happens to *you* after you earn all the endings (e.g. you uncover tidbits of information about your situation and the hospital through the life simulator, and then there's a final cutscene). I only reached a couple of the endings, so I wouldn't know; but it'd be cool.

I also wish you could skip the typewriter animation (e.g. by pressing any key), because you go over the same initial passages over and over again and don't want to wait for them to load. I feel like I'd have to draw a decision tree to earn all endings, but it's probably fine, since things like checkpoints and going back would ruin the concept that you're controlling a new person, a new life after every ending.

So in summary, it's a text adventure in a really nice package, but it's intriguing and there's a lot of variety.

jamesanimations responds:

Thanks so much for the review! You guys have incredible ideas, i'll make sure to implement all of these. A secret ending where something happens in the actual hospital would be sick. Hopefully I can get this done by the end of the day before the game goes public!

Good idea, but its booring.

jamesanimations responds:

LOL this made me laugh! Thanks for the feedback. It is kinda how the genre works though haha

I think four of the achievements may be bugged, I've gone through all 19 endings and some haven't come up (don't hit child/oh my word/not my fault/jersey). ETA: I had to do several segments a few times (bouncer endings etc).

Otherwise, I liked the novel (ha) way you had the intro sequence. It brought the choose-your-own-adventure up a level from the standard text based games.

jamesanimations responds:

Thank you very much, for your feedback. I'll get those bugs fixed as soon as possible

Edit: Upon further investigation, the API keys are correct and I can unlock the medals. I believe you may have not entered the "head towards the job fair" section after you were laid off in the game