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Reviews for "The Hell Out"

Was kinda hoping after obtaining the escape key there would be another section of hell to go threw. But overall a good fun concept.
Hope to see more of this (if not to this) in the future.

Dungeonation responds:

More games, definitely

Great idea, annoying and short like i'm sure you intended it to be, no music which would kind drive you insane, makes sense since your in hell (I Had my own music in a different tab Tho), And who knew that all you really had to do to escape was to Just interact with the Ppl around you.......Multiple times, The first Demon you interact with was my favorite, he was cute Lol

what nice and short game. no sound tho kinda feels dull and the secret path way though the lava lake was easy cuz you can just spam through it

Neat short game! Thanks for sharing.

The game lack any hints to help playing the game. Needs more clues.