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Reviews for "The Hell Out"

loved it, had a fun time playing, i did complete the game and escaped, got to the green room, if you don't believe me a lot of people are having trouble somehow... good job! hope you make more games!

fun little adventure, like the connections of different demon's/mortal's needs into finishing it, a bit short but still really fun

I swore this game was going to be by someone who made something that looks like this where you warp through dimensions, but maybe the game design platform has these 8 bit templates? I was excited to see something like this regardless. it was tricky for a few minutes then fun to put all the pieces together. fun game and the dialogue really makes it worth it

I was just on the verge of giving up and closing this game when I finally BLUDGEONED my way through the Lava Lake (took me a bit to realize that's where the "hidden passages" map was actually coming into play). Figured out the escape tunnels easily enough, it was just trying to get the Escape Key that was driving me nuts... until I started talking to more demons. Was gonna give this one 2.5 stars, but here, have all 5!

Not too shabby! Was fun wandering around and talking to the weird inhabitants of hell. I felt like it took a little too long to get the meat of the game which was the trading of the items to make progress: I really enjoyed figuring out the puzzles of how to obtain the items and continue the quest. At first, I didn't even think there was a point to the game and thought that I might just be stuck to wander around enjoying the nonsensical gags and references. Once you get into the puzzles and quests the game really picks up and I enjoyed it a bunch, and I would've loved to see this game have more of that and maybe multiple routes: maybe if you use the escape key on the first door instead of the teleport maze door you get a different ending where you are tricked by the devil? Maybe you can give items to different people for different routes, like refusing to return the pen? Would love more like this, just maybe a bit more expanded and streamlined!