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Reviews for "Coronavirus Prevention"

Finally, you guys know the suriousness of this virus. It can turely cause the death and even nowaday, there still have some people think it is a normal virus. And it is shame to talling the lie that Coronavirus come from China, and it also shamefully that some jerk names"TRUMP" still call Coronavirus the"Chinese virus".
The things in the video is real, and I want add some notice: Please do not go to Crowded places, and wear mask when you must have go out side.
And luckly, China is almost defeat the Coronavirus, and we will come back to help the world to beat the Coronavirus.

oh. Hope everyone is safe.

thx for the animation Diives :)

Amazibg work! If all informative videos were this cute and lovely, then you can bet that people would start to pay attention to them more often.

Very cool