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Reviews for "Coronavirus Prevention"

heh not bad bet se good

I loce how he's just an animation god and can somehow make videos so fast. Nice Work - Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

double bad becasue I cant afford to give Gagh's a gift ;W;
All I can give is a almost gone cold and bad bee puns because of minecraft <m>

It's okay Gaghs-chan. I had to stay in for my birthday too. (March 13th)


Beautiful animation, top notch, extremely well done, it was marvellous to watch.

Topical references are a double-edged sword. They annoy you when they are still trendy, and amuse you when you go back and check historically what people fussed about in the past years.

The current (2020 - hmmm symbolic number) year has this fad called coronavirus that fills the emptiness of our otherwise boring lives. Like with everything, the epidemy is a serious matter, but like every serious matter, it has a certain point after which it becomes a caricature of itself.
It already reveals much more about ourselves than we wished to, and frankly, people will analyze for years this fad, but not the virus itself. Everyone will forget the virus, people will discuss how it affected us, if it even did, and why.

In our real world, I think we are long way past the point of no return from being stupid monkeys, so why not? Bartender, Coronavirus for everyone!