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Reviews for "Coronavirus Prevention"

omg that was soooo cute i love it

They are all so adorably beautiful, and their voice actors did an amazing job.

I exactly feelh the situation... My birthday was on 21th March so :'D

although it is very important to stay clean and all, i will be critiquing the animation more than the work. i love the animation style because they are really cute, and the forms are great as well. but there aren't really much dynamic poses, so i feel like you wanted to do an animation you knew was super easy for you instead of challenging yourself. i like the voice acting as well, kudos to them as well. they have the type of voice of someone really precious, like you'd just want to snuggle up with them.
honestly i feel more depressed than i was before because i realize now that this "quarantine" is something i've been doing for months already, and maybe i should clean my room because there are too many empty snacks there.
one last thing to note is that i've seen your *other* animations. while they're great too, making a sfw animation out of the blue is like seeing the other side of the moon for a day. both sides of you are absolutely beautiful; you care for people who endlessly try to fill the neverending void in their life, but you also are informative, giving useful information to society as a whole. i know that this is a long review for a 45 second animation, but i'm glad that you came to make this. i know some youtubers who leech off of this topic, by making viewes panic about it and therefore watch more of their videos. and yes, while it is important to acknowledge that it is prevalent, it's important to stay calm.

I wish I could just stay at home...