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Reviews for "Coronavirus Prevention"

A super relative informative animation about disaster, known as the COVID-19. This virus has
already affected everyone by causing deaths.

In order to survive and to prevent horrific deaths, learn to embrace the indoors (staying home)
and self-isolation (social distancing and/or separations), fear the outdoors and bonds.

In other words, stay home.

Mom told you not to come back home she hates you

nice vid

I love it

Just because it is of the same topic, I'd like to say this (NOTE: all of this is MY opinion, you are free to disagree if you want, but don't paint me like I'm some "bad guy")

I find it a bit too coincidental that 5G internet towers were installed and shortly after COVID-19 is announced in the same region of China.

Also forcing a lockdown is kinda stepping over the line in terms of how much force is applied to the people before countries start looking like police states.
Example: In Spain, if you are a parent and would like to go shopping with your kid(s) but you realize you can't because of this "social distancing" even if you all wear masks

also 5G = "coronavirus" lol